These prices and services are exclusive to our studio only.


Lip Filler


0.5ml Lip Filler (natural) - £120


1ml Lip Filler (plumped) - £180


1.5ml Lip Filler (glam) - £250


2ml Lip Filler (ultra glam) - £290


Smile Lines


0.5ml Smile Lines Filler - £120


1ml Smile Lines Filler - £180


1ml Smokers lines - £195


Dermaplaining Facial - £50




3ml £360 (natural)

4ml £470 (plumped)

5ml £580 (glam)




0.5ml per cheek £185 (natural)

1ml per cheek £290 (plumped)

1.5ml per cheek £360 (glam)


Plump up packages


0.5ml lips, 0.5ml per cheek, 2ml jawline, 0.5ml chin £580 (plumped)


1ml Lips, 1ml per cheek, 2ml Jawline, 1ml chin £690 (glam)


Personalised packages


3ml £360

4ml £470

5ml £580

6ml £690

7ml £800


 • Services for dermal fillers and facials are available Monday to Saturday from our studio only.


 • Please allow 45 minutes for your treatment.


 • Full medical history and consent forms will be needed to be filled out upon arrival.


 • Full consultation and after-care advice will be given at your appointment.


 • No deposit is required to book but we ask you to please let us know 1 week in advance if you need to cancel.


 • Please make us aware of any allergies you have or any medications you are currently taking prior to your appointment.


 • Complimentary drinks will be available to you at your appointment.


 • 1 friend or family member is welcome to accompany you to your appointment. But please, no children.


 • If you have any questions at all leading up to your treatment we are available at any time to reassure you.


 • Numbing cream is available to filler clients. It is your choice whether to have it or not.


 • If you have a preferred brand of filler we can order it in for you but prices may vary.


 • Advice on what to do to prepare for your filler treatment will be given to you upon booking.


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